Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Books for Every Believer--My Top 5 List

I read a lot of books. I evaluate them in light of the Scripture, and, once in a while, I find a book that I would read again, reference frequently, and buy for friends. In other posts, I have listed books on specific topics. I still heartily recommend all of them. But for general Christian living, this is my all-time top five list:

THE most important book I have ever read outside of the Bible, so it tops the list:
1. How Long, O Lord? by DA Carson
Ostensibly about suffering, it is really a book about the nature of God. Know whom you worship.

These two I give as graduation gifts. Extremely important books:

2. Why We're Not Emergent (by Two Guys Who Should Be) by Kevin DeYoung and Ted Kluck
Every generation of Christians is threatened from without. Emergents are wolves in sheep's clothing, and, in my opinion, they are one of the biggest threat to this generation of believing children who are beginning to launch out on their own. Read it for your kids and have your kids read it.

3. Just Do Something by Kevin DeYoung
For Christians who agonize over decision making and watch for signs in the sky, this is a pointed, pithy discussion on how to make decisions that honor God.

4. The Deadliest Monster by Jeff Baldwin
Baldwin compares Shelley's Frankestein to Stevenson's Mr. Hyde and challenges us to answer the question, "Which monster are you?" In a world of social 'justice,' and fashionable victimization, this is an extremely important worldview book.

5. Why We Love the Church: In Praise of Institutions and Organized Religion by Kevin DeYoung and Ted Kluck
It's cool to dis the Church as behind the times, uptight, fundamentalist, and shrill. Unfortunately, this is the Bride of Christ. DeYoung and Kluck confront this bad attitude with the correct idea that you can't love your best friend but hate his wife.


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