Thursday, February 3, 2011

Government for One Nation (not) Under God?

One nation under God? I don't think so.

If America is not a Christian nation (and I think I've shown the evidence demonstrates precisely that), then she is a pagan nation. So our government should be prepared to govern a free--but pagan--people. And that means much of what the Christian right (and I consider myself part of this) assumes to be the job of the government must go.

A Christian nation is one whose God is the Lord.
A Christian nation is one whose people have covenanted with the Lord.
The final governing authority, then, in a Christian nation is the Bible.

A pagan nation is one whose god is anything or anyone but the Lord.
A pagan nation is one whose people are not in covenant with the Lord.
The final governing authority in a pagan nation which also happens to be a constitutional republic is, dare I say it, NOT the Bible...
It is their constitution.

(Pause here for station identification. I can hear the gasps. I can feel the scandal. I can see you reaching now for your 'unfriend' button. I am still the quadruple-C you've always known: conservative/Calvinist/complementarian/Christian. So just knock it off. Go eat some fruit. Breathe. Then come back.)

The Bible. The very words of God. I believe in the sufficiency, the inerrancy, and the inspiration of the Bible. The Bible is Truth, absolute Truth. And it is Truth for those who don't acknowledge it or submit to it as well as for those who do.

But here is the difference. God's covenant people are held accountable to the Truth here on earth. And to the degree that we stray from that Truth, the Church is charged with holding us accountable, exercising discernment, discipline, and excommunication, and effecting repentance and reconciliation.

Everyone else is still held accountable to God's absolute Truth.
But not until Judgment Day.
At that point, God--not government and not the Church--will be the Final Arbiter of justice.

Therefore, I would humbly suggest that all of our efforts to legislate a Biblical morality in our pagan constitutional republic and force it on a people who neither claim God as Lord, nor care to, is ill-advised.
And that means...

More to come.


  1. If we don't legislate Biblical morality, that means:
    - no laws against murder.
    - no laws against rape.
    - no laws against incest.
    - no laws against stealing.
    - no laws pertaining to property rights.
    - no laws protecting parental rights.
    - no laws against abortion.
    - no laws protecting the sanctity of marriage.
    - no laws....

    Even our entire justice system is based on God's law.

    Murder is wrong because God says it's wrong, whether you believe in God or not. If you must depend on a Constitution to declare it wrong, what do you do when the legislature votes to change the constitution?

    I'm not sure where you are going with this post, but it seems to me that a Biblical system of law is of great value, whether the citizens all believe in the God of the Bible or not.

  2. I'm not finished yet. That's what 'more to come' means. :)