Tuesday, October 26, 2010

10-26-10 Adversity

I'm learning things through adversity, just like I knew I would:

1. God doesn't always go for the obvious. I have never had a problem with money, budgeting, coveting, greed, keeping up with the Joneses. It boggles me that He continues to use this issue to get at things in me. If I were God...well, I'll stop right there. That's just a signifier that something stupid is going to come next out of my mouth.

2. It's ignorant to get my nose out of joint when someone well-intentioned offers advice for my situation. If we are believers, we are going to have adversity. And, though they may not have MY adversity, they've had their own pain. We're in this together. I need to shut up and listen.

3. My adversity is nothing compared to that of so many I love:
I've never lost a child.
I've never had a less than robustly healthy baby.
I've never had breast cancer and lost my hair and thrown up for weeks and had my body parts lopped off.
I've never been abandoned by my husband.
I've never had an abortion and been left with empty arms.
I've never been in a major car crash.
I've never been unloved.

May I glorify God through my adversity. His goodness and justice are beyond human comprehension.

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